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Issue Date: 01 March 2018

Review Date: 30 May 2018

Hanoi Moped Tours’ commitment to our Guests is to see that you Explore Experience Enjoy Hanoi like a Local in a safe, professional manner. As a Valued Guest, your safety is our highest priority

The aim of our Safety Policy is to make you feel at ease as you travel “in open air” through the streets of Hanoi. Hanoi Moped Tours understands the risks involved and we want you to understand that we have put many hours of thought and into our Safety Policy to offer you a truly professional service.

1. Our Valued Guests:

As our Valued Guest you will be issued with a motorbike, a female Tour Guideto drive you and a Headset Communication System at the time you are collected from your pick-up location.

When you arrive at the Meeting Point, you will be introduced to your Tour Guide Leader. You will be able to communicate with her directly during the Tour.

At the Meeting Point you will be:

  • Fully briefed about the Tour
  • Given training on the following topics –
    • How to put your helmet on and take it off
    • How to mount and dismount the motorbike when it is stationary
    • Where hold on to the motorbike when it is in motion
    • Where to place your feet when the motorbike is in motion
    • General road conditions and local driving attitudes

When the Tour begins, we ask you observe the following rules:

  • Please ask the Tour Guide Leader as many questions as you like or report any difficulties you are experiencing
  • Please keep your helmet on at all times when the motorbike is in motion
  • please do not hold on to or touch your Tour Guide as she drives. This may distract her and put both of you at risk of having an accident
  • please do not talk excessively to the Tour Guide as she drives, you will have time to talk to her at Lunch / Dinner as she will join you for the meal
  • Please try to avoid making sudden jolting movements when the motorbike is in motion. It is important you follow the movement of the motorbike
  • It is recommended you do not take photos when the motorbike is in motion for risk of your device been stolen
  • Please store your personal belongings in the storage compartment in the motorbike. The Tour Coordinator and your Tour Guide will see your belongings are safe when you are away from the motorbike

2. Our Staff:

Each Tour includes a team of trained staff to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable time. Each Tour includes:

Tour Guide Leader:

  • Is responsible for all aspects of the Tour
  • Fluent in English
  • Is in constant communication with our Guests via the Headset Communication System
  • Holds an official Tour Guide License issued by the Tourism Department
  • Holds a current Drivers License
  • Is experienced in the history of the Hanoi and it’s attractions

Tour Guide Coordinator:

  • Is responsible for the logistics and timing of the Tour
  • Is in constant communication with the Tour Guides via the Headset Communication System
  • Holds a current Drivers License
  • Drives the Tour Guide Leader on the lead motorbike

Tour Guide:

  • Is responsible for driving the Guest she has been assigned
  • Fluent in English
  • Holds a current Drivers License

3. The Motorbike:

Our Mopeds made by Janpanese Company such as : Honda, Suzike, Yamaha. This type of motorbike features an “auto ignition” system which means the engine will turn off automatically when it come to a stop for longer than 20 seconds and turn on again when the accelerator is engaged.

Each motorbike is equipped with:

  • A large storage compartment so you can securely keep a small handbag with your personal effects
  • 2 x bottled water – 330ml for our Guest and Staff
  • Wet Weather Poncho
  • Tool Set

If you require your personal belongings, a drink of water or a Wet Weather Poncho at anytime during the Tour, please inform your Tour Guide

The Leading motorbike is equipped with a sanity bag containing soap and wet tissues. If you require a sanity stop at anytime during the Tour, please inform the Tour Guide Leader

4. The Tour:

Group Tour:

Each Tour has a set itinerary. The route and the timing to travel the route are given to the Tour Guide Leader and Tour Coordinator prior to each Tour. For insurance purposes the Tour Guide Leader and the Tour Coordinator cannot change these details

Private Tour:

Prior to the tour, an itinerary has been set as per the Guests requirements. If the Guests decide to change the itinerary during the Tour, this will be permitted provided the Tour ends in the timeframe that was prearranged prior to the start of the Tour. Any changes to the itinerary must be discussed with the Tour Guide Leader

General rules:

  • The Tour Coordinator will control the speed the motorbikes travel through the streets of Hanoi. At no time should the speed exceed 30 km/hour in “built up” areas or 40 km/hour in “open” areas. The average speed of a Tour is 15 – 20 km/hour.
  • All road rules must be adhered to
  • Tour Guides are not to use mobile telephones at anytime during the Tour
  • We do not encourage our Tour Guides to use the horn but on occasion it maybe necessary
  • Helmets are worn at all times when the motorbike is in motion

If at any time during the Tour you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or that our Staff are not adhering to the Safety Policy, please inform the Tour Guide Leader immediately.

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